Download, Install, Register, Upgrade RTViewCentral

Go to the SL Download Center at, download and extract the RTViewCentral_<version>.zip file. Read the following download and install information.

If you currently have any version of RTView installed, you must install RTView Enterprise into a directory separate from any existing RTView installations. The same zip archives provided in the download can be used on any supported platform.


Using the extraction wizard of some compression utilities might result in an extra top-level directory level based on the name of the .zip file. The additional directory is not needed because the .zip files already contain the RTViewCentral top-level directory. This extra directory should be removed before you click Next to perform the final decompression.


The installation directory path cannot contain spaces.

To convert text files on UNIX/Linux systems to the native format, use the -a option with unzip to properly extract text files. Then, to fix execution permissions for all *.sh scripts, go to the RTViewCentral/rtvapm directory and execute:

. ./


See Upgrade Instructions if you are upgrading from an earlier version of RTView Enterprise, then return here.

Proceed to Register Your License.