Using Your Application Server

To use your application server:

  1. In a windows command prompt or UNIX terminal, go to RTViewCentral/rtvapm and execute rtvapm_init.bat (Windows) or ./rtvapm_init.bat (UNIX).

  2. Change directory (cd) to RTViewCentral/projects/rtview-server and execute update_wars.bat (Windows) or (UNIX).

  3. Deploy the resulting war files to your application server.

  4. If you are using RTView Manager, repeat steps 2 and 3 in the projects/rtview-manager directory.

  5. Add the following users to your applicaiton server: rtvuser, rtvadmin and rtvalertmgr.

  6. The instructions in this document refer to the Jetty port, 10070. When following instructions, use your application server's host and port instead.

  7. You can optionally disable Jetty or allow access via both Jetty and your application server. To disable Jetty, access the Configuration Application on your application server (http://host:port/rtvcentral-rtvadmin) go to the DataServer tab and turn off HTML Server Enabled. Save and RESTART SERVERS to apply your changes. Now the Configuration Application can only be accessed via your application server.

Proceed to Start RTViewCentral.