Using the Pre-configured Apache Tomcat Installation

RTViewCentral includes a pre-configured Apache Tomcat installation which hosts all of the servlets necessary to run the Monitor on port 8068. However, it does not run by default. Instead, the CentralServer hosts all necessary servlets using Jetty on port 10070.

To use the pre-configured Tomcat instead of Jetty:

  1. Open RTViewCentral\bin\start_servers.bat (Windows) or (UNIX) in a text editor and uncomment the start_tomcat line.

  2. The instructions in this document refer to the Jetty port, 10070. When following instructions, use the Tomcat port 8068 instead.

  3. You can optionally change user names and passwords for the servlets hosted in Tomcat in RTViewCentral/apache-tomat*sl/conf/tomcat-users.xml. The user names and passwords in this file can be changed, but you cannot modify the roles as these are required by the servlets.

  4. You can optionally disable Jetty or allow access via both Jetty and Tomcat. To disable Jetty, access the Configuration Application on Tomcat (http://localhost:8068/rtview-central-rtvadmin), go to the DataServer tab and turn off HTML Server Enabled. Save and RESTART SERVERS to apply your changes. Now the Configuration Application can only be accessed via Tomcat.

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