Install PubSub+ Monitor

See Upgrade PubSub+ Monitor if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Solution Package for Solace.

To install Solution Package for Solace, download the SolacePubSubMonitor_<version>.zip file and unzip the SolacePubSubMonitor_<version>.zip file into a directory of your choosing. The SolacePubSubMonitor/rtvapm/solmon directory is auto-created after you unzip the file.

Important: On UNIX systems it is a requirement that the installation directory path not contain spaces.

File Extraction Considerations

On Windows systems, using the extraction wizard of some compression utilities might result in an extra top-level directory level based on the name of the .zip file. The additional directory is not needed because the .zip files already contain the rtvapm top-level directory. This extra directory must be removed before clicking the Next button that performs the final decompression.

On UNIX/Linux systems, use the -a option to properly extract text files.