RTView Manager

Use RTView Manager to monitor RTView Enterprise. That is, to monitor the performance of RTView processes and Tomcat processes on RTViewCentral as well as any RTView DataServers to which RTViewCentral is connected.

RTView Manager comes with RTView Enterprise and has its own console. The RTView Manager console resides on RTViewCentral, runs as a separate process from RTView Enterprise, and has its own data server, database, Display Server and Historian.


RTView Manager alerts are configured, shown and notified in the RTView Manager console, not in the main monitor console. It's meant to be a stand-alone application that runs separate from the main monitor and is not integrated with it.

For details about configuring RTView Manager, see Configure RTView Manager. For details about RTView Manager displays, see the RTView Enterprise User’s Guide.

RTView Manager requires minimal setup as required connections are auto-discovered from RTViewCentral. You can configure RTView Manager using the RTView Configuration Application located at http://loclahost:3070/rtview-manager-rtvadmin or at http://localhost:8068/rtview-manager-rtvadmin.

You access RTView Manager via browser at http://localhost:3070/rtview-manager.