Configure RTView Manager

Use the RTView Manager application to track the health of your RTView monitoring system: RTView and Tomcat processes, the historian and connected data servers. RTView Manager runs as a process, separately from your RTView monitoring system, has its own URL / console, as well as its own data server, database, alert notification system and historian.

RTView Manager auto-discovers its connections which you cannot modify. This section describes how to modify the RTView Manager default settings that you can modify.

You can use the RTView Configuration Application to modify most of the RTView Manager settings.

To access RTView Manager, start RTView Enterprise (if not currently running), then browse to one of the following URLs and login (username/password are rtvadmin/rtvadmin):

http://<ip_address>:3070/rtview-manager if you are running on Jetty.

http://localhost:8068/rtview-manager if you are using Tomcat.

For details about displays that come with RTView Manager for RTView Enterprise, refer to the RTView Enterprise User’s Guide.

This section contains: