Output Data to InfluxDB

To output monitoring data to InfluxDB, you need to Start and Login to the Solution Package for Solace, Open the RTView Configuration Application to configure connections to Solace Brokers and then Create Database and User Account.

Create Database and User Account

This section assumes you have already configured connections to your Solace Brokers using the RTView Configuration Application.

To send monitoring data to InfluxDB you edit the stats-receiver.properties file, located in the Data Collector directory, define the metrics to poll and store, and specify the IP address and port number on the InfluxDB platform.

  1. Create a database and a user with read and write privileges in your InfluxDB platform using the following InfluxDB shell commands:

  2. create database <yourSolaceStatsDB>

    use <yourSolaceStatsDB>

    create user <SolaceStatsUser> with password <yourPwdWithSingleQuotes> 

    with all privileges grant all on <yourSolaceStatsDB> to <SolaceStatsUser> exit

  3. Edit the stats-receiver.properties file, located in the directory where the data server will be started.

  4. Enable InfluxDB Tap by commenting out the following line:

  5. #TAP_PLUGIN_CLASS = com.sl.statsds.RTViewStatsTap

    and uncommenting the following line:

    TAP_PLUGIN_CLASS = com.solace.psg.enterprisestats.receiver.influxdb.InfluxDBStatsTap

    This enables the plugin to send monitoring data to InfluxDB.

    Note: At present, there is no option to send monitoring data to both InfluxDB and PubSub+ Monitor. To revert back to collect all caches and send data to the PubSub+ Monitor, uncomment the RTViewStatsTap line and comment out the InfluxDBStatsTap line. Also revert DB_FIELD_SUBSCRIPTIONS to its initial value (DB_FIELD_SUBSCRIPTIONS =\ which means the filter passes everything, as appropriate for the PubSub+ Monitor).

  6. Select the list of topics identifying the fields to write to InfluxDB by copying the list of topics in the DB_FIELD_SUBSCRIPTIONS property. These topics are semicolon separated and multiple lines are identified by "\" at the end of the topic. Initially you can choose from the examples that are provided in the stats-receiver.properties file itself. For example:













    Refer to Solace documentation for the complete list of metrics that can be requested.

  8. Add the connection properties to InfluxDB by scrolling down to the Influx DB Properties and defining the following:


cd <installation_dir>\rtvapm> and execute rtvapm_init.bat (Windows)

pwd-utility[.bat] <yourPwdString> 

The following message appears:

“The encrypted password is: 'encryptedString' (without the quotes).

You should use this value in the password field in configuration property files."

You should now see monitoring data being stored in the InfluxDB database. If you encounter issues, check the log files in the SolacePubSubMonitor/projects/rtview-server/log directory for errors and verify that InfluxDB is available and running.

You have completed configuring data collection! There are no other required configurations.