Quick Start

These instructions are for those customers who wish to evaluate the Solution Package for Solace for purchase. These are the minimum steps required to gather monitoring data and get the Monitor up and running. Default settings are used and Apache Tomcat, which is delivered with the Monitor, is preconfigured as the default application server.

After you complete your evaluation, if you wish to setup and use all monitoring features in your organization, see Configuration .



export JAVA_HOME=/opt/Java/jdk1.8.0


set JAVA_HOME=C:\Java\jdk1.8.0

To evaluate Solution Package for Solace:

  1. Download SolacePubSubMonitor_<version>.zip to your local server and extract the files: unzip -a SolacePubSubMonitor_<version>.zip

  2. Important: On UNIX systems it is a requirement that the installation directory path not contain spaces.

  3. Navigate to the SolacePubSubMonitor/bin directory and execute ./start_servers.sh -eval (start_servers.bat -eval in Windows).

  4. NOTE: To stop the PubSub+ Monitor when it’s running in evaluation mode, execute ./start_servers.sh -eval (start_servers.bat -eval in Windows).

  5. Browse to the following URL and login (rtvadmin/rtvadmin) to open the RTView Configuration Application HOME page:

  6. Select the Solace Monitor project to open the Solace configuration page.

  7. Select Solace in the navigation tree (left panel), then click ConfigUI_Connections_Add_button.gif to add a broker connection.

  8. Tip: Gray text shows the default setting for the field which you can edit. To return to the default setting, delete the text you entered.

  9. In the Add Connection dialog do the following:

  10. Repeat these steps to add more brokers and when finished, click cui_solace_AddconnSAVEbutton.gif to close the dialog and cui_save_button.gif (in title bar) to save your settings.

  11. The connections you created are listed in the Connections tab.

  12. Click cui_requires_restart.gif to apply changes. The data server will be available again in 10-15 seconds.

  13. Browse to the Solution Package for Solace and login (username/password are rtvadmin/rtvadmin):

  14. http://IPAdress:8068/rtview-solmon if you are running the monitor remotely

    http://localhost:8068/rtview-solmon if you are running the monitor locally


    You should now see monitoring data. If you encounter issues, check the log files in the SolacePubSubMonitor/projects/rtview-server/log directory for errors.

    You have completed the Quick Start!

  15. To stop the PubSub+ Monitor, execute ./start_servers.sh -eval (start_servers.bat -eval in Windows).

If you wish to setup and use all monitoring features in your organization, proceed to Configuration .